positive. practical. purposeful.

About Natalie

Natalie believes that when you elevate your people, in turn, you elevate your business.  When working with Natalie, she aims to provide positive, purposeful and practical information as it relates to people and individuals in the workplace. Through a collaborative process she will assist in identifying your business goals, personal goals, strategic processes, how they all blend together, and how they can be practically implemented.

From small to midsize businesses, to non-profit organizations, to individuals seeking an HR liaison, Natalie will provide services that are authentic and tailored to your specific needs.


HR consulting

speaking engagements

certified coaching

What Clients Are Saying

“Natalie saved my life! … I walked into a new position that had a ton of curveballs thrown my way and I was simply not prepared / experienced enough yet to learn how to swing at them all. I was able to get approval from my Board to look for an HR consultant that can help guide us in a couple situations and that’s where Natalie appeared. I have never worked with a consultant before and didn’t know what to expect, but Natalie immediately felt like a long-time friend. She is the type of person who cares about the scenarios that you are dealing with and has the perfect balance between a professional and personal relationship.”

Raquel Dumas, Library Director

“Natalie was open to hearing everything we had to say- which allowed for a very comfortable environment.”