What Clients Are Saying

“Natalie’s approach to presenting and real world examples made the content feel relevant and engaging.”

“Natalie was open to hearing everything we had to say- which allowed for a very comfortable environment.”

“Natalie gave great examples to make it easier to picture what could happen if some of these behaviors happened. She created a fun, positive environment for what could be a dry topic.”

Thank you so much for all of your work, talent, skills, time, presence and intentionality you brought to the interview process. The space felt very welcoming, friendly and calming. The questions were framed very positively. They gave me the chance to share my thoughts to the fullest. The process felt very thorough and there were such wonderful exchanges of information. I didn’t feel rushed, pressured or put on the spot. The process felt clear, structured and organized. It was a very positive interview experience for me. I’ll remember it always.”

“Best part about working with Natalie is her communication & personality. She is very professional and friendly and has an amazingly positive attitude & approach. She brings a positive energy to the project and clearly set out the process, expectations and outcomes.

“Impactful training session. Wish this could be a video also to use for orientations for new hires!

“Natalie saved my life! … I walked into a new position that had a ton of curveballs thrown my way and I was simply not prepared/experienced enough yet to learn how to swing at them all. I was able to get approval from my Board to look for an HR consultant that can help guide us in a couple situations and that’s where Natalie appeared. I have never worked with a consultant before and didn’t know what to expect, but Natalie immediately felt like a long-time friend. She is the type of person who cares about the scenarios that you are dealing with and has the perfect balance between a professional and personal relationship.”

Raquel Dumas

Library Director